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For further information of the Conference, please contact the secretary of (OEMR2017)

(1)Via Email: OEMR2017@163.COM

(2)You can contact the working group at Mainland, China:
TEL: +86-15135098501

(AM 8:30--PM 12:00, PM 14:00--PM 17:30, Monday to Friday)

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Honorary chair:
Chengdong Zhang,Columbia University, USA

Organizing Chairs
Taiping Wu, Computer Science and Electronic Technology International Society,China
Zhiyong Shi, Chongqing Comunication College,China

Organizing Committee

Prof. Raja Suzana Raja Kasim, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Dr Deepak Laxmi Narasimha, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Prof. Peddoju Sateesh Kumar, Balaji Institute of Technology & Science, India
Dr. Srinivasan Alavandar, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Dr. K.S. Cheung, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Dr. Xiaoxiao Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Prof. Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra, SRM University, India
Prof. Shishir K.Shandilya, Rukmani Devi Institute of Science and Technology, India
Jian Zhang, Beijing Informatization Science and technology University, China
Prof. F.Wang,HaiNan University, China
Prof. Seung-Soo Han, Myongji University, Korea
Prof.Chen Changjun,Suzhou University,China
Prof.Yuan Jianguo,Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China
Prof.Zhang Yani,Baoji University of Arts and Sciences.China
Prof.Liu Kegao,Shandong Jianzu University,China
Prof.Su Yu,Northeast Petroleum University,China
Prof.Hu Yueli, Shanghai University,China
Prof.Zhou Shenggang,Kunming University of Technology,China
Prof.Ren Zhong, Jiangxi Science&Technology Normal University,China
Prof.Jian Jikang, Xinjiang University, China
Prof.Zhu Shiping, Beihang University, China
Prof.Wu Xiaohong, Jiangsu University, China
Prof.Wang Zhuoran, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Prof.Lv Fuyun, Nankai University, China


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